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ECORail™ offers premium quality biobased railroad switch lubricants & rail curve greases, biobased top of rail compounds, and biobased hydraulic oils with superior lubricity resulting in less friction. ECORail's™ lubricants meet both the EPA’s “Environmental Preferable Purchasing (EPP)” criteria and is a USDA “BioPreferred™” produc t. Manufactured in the USA from renewable USA-grown crop-based oils with a lithium-based thickener, ECORail's™ lubricants are safe for the environment while supporting the US farmer and US small business.

ECORail's™ lubricants have a higher Viscosity Index. Its base oils are 2x higher (over 200) than petroleum–based oils (95), providing more stable viscosity at different temperatures and a wider range of operation. Both tests and usage have demonstrated higher performance than many synthetics. Due to their polarity, biobased molecules bond and adhere to metal surfaces better than petroleum-based oils and greases and have a higher flash point than mineral greases, which increases safety. ECORail's™ lubricants contain no heavy metals, no chlorine and no harsh odors making them safer for the employees, the public and the environment versus petroleum-based greases and oils.

ECORail™ offers superior, premium quality biobased railroad lubricants, greases and compounds including Universal Switch Lubricants, Rail Curve Greases, Top of Rail Compounds, Hydraulic Oils (ISO 32-68), and Universal Tractor Hydraulic Fluids. A wide range of pumps and applicators for switch lubrication are available and Railmark can install and service wayside lubricators.

Product Summary Brochure

Universal Switch Lubricant

Rail Curve Grease 1 (0° to 100°)

Rail Curve Grease 2 (35° to 160°)

Top of Rail Compound

Hydraulic Oil (ISO 32, 46 & 68)

Universal Tractor Hydraulic Fluid

Product Applicators – Switch Lubricants
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