NEW – Friction Management Lubricant Programs

Railmark’s NEW “Friction Management Program” is offered to railroads and transit agencies which provides a turnkey solution. Programs range from:

  • Providing and installing the lubrication equipment and supplying our biobased lubricants for one flat rate monthly charge. No capital expenditure required. Railroad or transit crews check and maintain monthly.
  • Railmark can provide its turnkey solution and have our crews check and fill monthly, or as needed.
  • Railmark can provide a combination of installing additional lubricators and using its biobased lubricants for all the system with the option of providing the maintainers.
  • Railmark can be scheduled to perform periodic switch lubrication and maintenance.
  • Railmark has the capital to make any combination of program that best fits the needs and budget constraints of the railroad or transit agency.

ECORail® offers multiple premium quality products:

Item #12030 – ECORail Universal Switch Lubricant
Item #12090 – ECORail Top of Rail Compound

Biobased Switch Lubricants

Biobased hydraulic oils

Biobased top of rail lubricants

These lubricants have superior lubricity resulting in less friction. ECORail’s® lubricants meet both the EPA’s “Environmental Preferable Purchasing (EPP)” criteria and is a USDA “BioPreferred®” product. Manufactured in the USA from renewable USA-grown crop-based oils with a lithium-based thickener, ECORail’s® lubricants are safe for the environment while supporting the US farmer and US small business.

ECORail’s® lubricants have a higher Viscosity Index. Its base oils are 2x higher (over 200) than petroleum–based oils (95), providing more stable viscosity at different temperatures and a wider range of operation. Both tests and usage have demonstrated higher performance than many synthetics. Due to their polarity, biobased molecules bond and adhere to metal surfaces better than petroleum- based oils and greases and have a higher flash point than mineral greases, which increases safety. ECORail’s® lubricants contain no heavy metals, no chlorine and no harsh odors making them safer for the employees, the public and the environment versus petroleum-based greases and oils.

Professional Installation – ECOdeck®

Railmark can install its ECOdeck® railcar liners and flooring using one of our Railmark Rail Service Centers or sending an installation team to your location’s tracks. The ECOseal® applications are performed onsite or using one of Railmark’s facilities. Railmark has the ability to provide its customers with a complete installation and maintenance package using our products.

Professional Installation – Track Materials

Let Railmark Track Works Inc. provide you with a Quote for the installation of our concrete crosstie ECOtie® or our ECO-SAFE wood treated ECOtie2® crossties or bridge members.

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